World’s most beautiful sweets

best sweet in the world

World’s most beautiful sweets


Here the list of best and most beautiful sweets in the world

This list is based on the thousands of peoples review. Here we have shown the sweet name, place and the country name of each sweets

  1. Alfajores, South America
  2. Apfelstrudel, Austria
  3. Baklava, Turkey
  4. Black Forest Cake, Germany
  5. Borma, Middle East and Turkey
  6. Brownies, United States
  7. Cannoli, Sicily
  8. Cardamom Buns, Sweden
  9. Cendol, Singapore
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookies, United States
  11. Chocolate Mousse, France
  12. Coconut Cake, Southern United States
  13. Cornes de Gazelle, Morocco
  14. Crème Brûlée, France
  15. Dan Tats, Hong Kong
  16. Doughnuts, United States
  17. Eszterhazy Torta, Hungary
  18. Flan, Latin America
  19. Gâteau Fondant au Chocolat, France
  20. Gelato, Italy
  21. Gulab Jamun, India
  22. Japanese Cheesecake
  23. Kashata, East Africa
  24. Kifli, Hungary
  25. Knafeh, Levant
  26. Kouign Amann, Brittany, France
  27. San Francisco baker’s take on kouign amann
  28. Kulfi, India
  29. Lemon Tart, France
  30. Linzer Torte, Austria
  31. M’hanncha, Morocco
  32. Ma’amoul, Middle East
  33. Mandazi, South Sudan
  34. Medovik, Russia
  35. New York Cheesecake, United States
  36. Oliebollen, Netherlands
  37. Pavlova, Australia and New Zealand
  38. Polvorónes, Latin America, Spain and the Philippines
  39. Qatayef, Middle East
  40. Rigó Jancsi, Hungary
  41. Saffron Ice Cream, Iran
  42. Sesame Balls, Jian Dui, China
  43. Snow Ice, Xue Hua Bing, Taiwan
  44. Sour Cherry Pie, Midwestern United States
  45. Sticky Rice with Mango, Thailand
  46. Sticky Toffee Pudding, United Kingdom
  47. Tarte Tatin, France
  48. Tiramisú, Italy
  49. Tres Leches Cake, Mexico and Central America
  50. Tub Tim Krob, Thailand

Please add your favorite sweet name as comment. We will review and publish/update this list every month



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