World’s cheapest helicopter’s photos price and other details

Afalina – The cheapest helicopter at a car price – introduced by Russian company

“Afalina” is the ever cheapest helicopter in the world. A russian helicopter producer introduced this afalina copter in Heli Russia Exhibition 2015. The price of this cheapest helicopter is only a car price, around 72 lakhs. This helicopter just like a dolphin and around 270KG is the total weight.Afalina-russia Helivel Helicopters says that this can be used for several purpose such as to give training to the helicopter pilots, to give support to various police sections and also this can be used for repair the complained pipelines and others. See the photos of this worlds cheapest helicopter.

world-cheapest-helicopter-AfalinaAfalina Helicopter Video

“Afalina” from Russia, not think it is a model or any other celebrity it is the cheapest helicopter introduced by Helivel Helicopters in Heli Russia Exhibition 2015.
This two seated helicopter’s expected price is just 72 lakhs. Simply helicopter in a luxury car rate. It looks like as a Dolphin.
270kg weighted copter has a speed of 250 km per hour.

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