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Meet the world’s largest Easter Bunny, Darius the great continental giant, a huge stone three and a half and weighs 4 feet 4 inches.

Darius, at the age of three years, chew through an incredible 12 carrots per day to maintain their power and fuel its incredible growth spurt.

He already had the title of the largest rabbit in the world, but has now broken his own record after the veterinarians had measured a month ago and realized he had grown an inch.

This is a double celebration for Darius, his birthday, Easter Sunday, he shares with his beloved owner Annette Edwards.

Mrs. Edwards, of Worcester, has raised large rabbits, but before that Darius is the largest in the history of the rabbit type.

The 60-year-old, who also said the Guinness world record for oldest model lines page three: “He is a giant rabbit dynasty, and now has his own record was broken and fits your birthday on April 8 – what he really is the beast-Bunny.

“He was officially measured by veterinarians in the last month and now confirmed, which is even larger than before.

“We actually have the same birthday, which falls on April 8 this year, which is very nice because it is Easter Sunday.”

Darius has two meals a day, the mixture of rabbit, the three blocks and containing a herb.

And if that’s not enough, gets stuffed with hay all day.

Mrs. Edwards said: “Sometimes I feel like I have vegetables Wallace & Gromit films, but actually has a beautiful nature to him.

“He is so sweet, and I wonder if this has helped him to be bigger than the other.

“He has run all the time, so I think the combination of diet and exercise program has worked for him.

“It really is a nice pet, but there is always a bit of sparkle in her eyes when you approach him.”

Darius is the son of former record holder Alice and the grandson of the former owner of the Crown, Amy.

Mrs. Edwards, who splashed £ 10k on surgery and diets that are allowed in a rabbit in real life Jessica, Darius, who was getting bigger surprise.

She said: “I think it’s great that the record remains in the family.

“Obviously, his mother Amy died a few years and he was upset, but I would like to know that his son had taken the record.

“People ask me what my secret, but in reality is nothing like they are treated well and truly in search of them.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records, said: “This is the largest rabbit in the world.

“Darius is bigger than any rabbits previous record retention.

“It’s amazing that a rabbit could grow to over 4 feet long.”


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