what do we tend to notice

No matter your own personal take on drug use, it would be impossible to not admire Hoppers ability of consumption.  Hopper, along with Fonda and Nicholson changed Hollywood forever with their iconic ‘Easy Rider’, which was then, and remains today the template for counter-culture revolution.
If you take in to account that they smoked real marijuana in the movie, all the infighting and the attacks from idiots, it is a miracle the movie got made at all.
A film it may be, but the fact that the stars were beaten and berated regularly by angry hillbillies while making the movie is testament to what it cost to be anti-war, pro-drug, long haired and alive in the sixties and seventies.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not that only good people die, it is just that we tend to notice when they do.

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