Top Most haunted places in India with place location details

Most haunted places in India

Ghosts! Believe it or not! Those eerie, creepy & scary creatures besides You. There are many places in India where you can venture your own risk. Visit those scary places in India where restless spirits linger around. Let’s haunt…..

Dumas Beach


Dumas beach is located in Surat, Gujarat where many evil stories and spirits are left behind. Hindu’s burn dead bodies on this beach. Some people have even heard strange sounds across this beach. Everytime heavy wind blows across this area. People who walk across this beach at the night time is said to have been disappeared.

 Bangarh Fort


Bangarh fort is located in Alwar, Rajasthan established by King Madho Singh in 1613. This place was abandoned soon as it was cursed by a magician. Whoever stayed at this palace will not return back. Whenever a house is bulit along it’s side the roof of the house collapses. Archeological Survey in India (ASI) says that ” Staying before & after sunset is prohibited in this area”.

 Brij Raj Bhavan

brij bhawan kota


Brij Raj Bhavan is 178 year old palace situated in Kota, Rajasthan. Major Bruton and his sons were killed by Indian sepoys in 1857 revolt. There is an existing myth related to this place, if a security guard is found slept or is in doze in duty time the ghost of Major Burton will come and slap at the face of guard for teaching him as lesson of alertness.

Tunnel No. 103, Shimla



Tunnel No. 103 is located in Shimla-Kalka railway line and is the oldest tunnel considered as scary and frightening .It is as said that the tunnel is haunted by an englishmen’s ghost and he replies answers to the questions asked by someone inside the tunnel. The tunnel is considered as scary and mostly haunted by ghosts.

 GP Block – Meerut


GP Block in Meerut is a haunted place in Meerut deserted in the lone lane of the city. People said that they have seen some of the four evil boys sitting around the table inside this building  and on the terrace. Some said that they have seen a lady coming out of the building  wearing red saree. Nobody moves around this place

 Delhi Cantt


Delhi Cantonment is said that it is a place  haunted by ghosts and evil spirits. Trespassers say that they have seen a lady  in white saree passing across at night. She asks lift to the passengers in cars or bikes if they fail to give her lift the lady will start chasing the vehicle at the same speed of the vehicle or more faster than the vehicle.

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