Top 5 and Leading telecom companies in india

India is considered as the huge market for Telecom industries ranging from  broadband subscribers, CDMA, GSM services.  The development of  telecom industries in India has been growing at a very fast pace. As per the latest survey report it is considered that Bharti Airtel service have reached the at the top most level among the other telecom companies.These telecom industries has increased investments in the country. Top 5 private telecom companies in India are listed as follows:

Bharti Airtel:



Airtel has been growing as a largest telecom service in India and was established in 1995. Moreover Airtel telecom service provides 2G, 3G, 4G services and has been ranked third among the telecommunication companies in the world. At present they are operating in 20 different countries of South Asia, Africa and other Islands. Airtel is the biggest service provider and has nearly 261 million subscribers. Airtel is the  first private telecom service provider.

Reliance Communications:


Reliance Communication was been established in India in 2004 and is the largest telecom service provider across country. Reliance ranks 16th position among telecom services. Reliance telecom services provides 2G, 3G, services. Reliance services has been spread across all over the country. Reliance telecom services provides 28Mbit/sec with 3G MIMO technology.



Vodafone telecom services was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai. The Vodafone telecom services provides both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular services. It also provides 3G services.

Idea Cellular:


Idea telecom services was established in 1995  and was owned  by Birla, TATA & AT& T groups. Idea telecom services is holding a market share of 11.90 percent. Idea is providing 3G services to it”s customers.



BSNL telecom service is the largest service provider across India. BSNL is the oldest source of telecomunication service with it’s service providing to 95 million customers all over India. BSNL provides CDMA, Intrernet services, Mobile communication services, 3G services, WiMax, VVoIP, Helpdesk . At present it has almost 24 telecom services prevailing in 2 metro districts, 4 regions, 6 project centers, 5 telecom factories, 4 telecom units & 3 training centers.


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