Top 10 national highways in India

Top 10 National highways in India

Top national highways in India and information’s

National highways are  the main long-distance roadways in India and one of the highly used means of transport in India.They play a significant role in the Indian economy.

Considering all roads, only 2 percentages of roads comprise national highways in India and 40 percentage of our total road traffic is passed through these roads as per the calculations.

Here are the top Indian States  with longest National highways,


1.Utter Pradesh National highway:

The state comes at the top in the list by carrying 6,788kms of National Highways, according to the  National Highways Authority of India website. This high way is one of the busiest highways in India since it passes through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.


2.Rajasthan National highway:

Rajasthan has a total length of 6,373 km of national highways and comes at second on the list. India’s first 4–8 lane highway NH 8 which links New Delhi with Mumbai goes. The major part of this highway lies in Rajasthan and it is one of the major tourism Highways in India.


3.Madhya Pradesh National highway:

Madhya Pradesh has 5,027kms of national highway and it takes the third position.


4.Tamil Nadu National highway:

Tamil Nadu takes the fourth position with 4,832kms of national highways running through the state. We can also position Tamil Nadu first among the south states..


5.Andhra Pradesh National highway:

Andhra Pradesh is on the fifth place with 4,537kms of national highways


6.Karnataka National highway:

4,396 km is the total length of national highways in Karnataka and it positions the state on sixth.


7.Maharashtra National highway:

Maharashtra has 4,191kms of total national highways passing through the state ,comes at seventh position.


8.Orissa National highway:

Orissa takes the eighth position with 3,704kms of national highway.


9.Bihar National highway:

Bihar finds 9th place in the list with 3,642kms national highways.


10.Gujarat National highway:

Gujarat takes the tenth position in the list with 3,281 kms of national highways passing through the state.


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