Top 10 bridges in world


Tower Bridge


Tower bridge is situated in London, England. Tower bridge was constructed by Sir Horace Jones and John Wolf Barry. Tower bridge was constructed with two towers built on piers for port facilities.

Golden Gate Bridge


Golden gate bridge in San Francisco and is built by veteran bridge builder Joseph Strauss. The color of Golden gate bridge is International Orange.

Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world with tallest structures. John Roebeling designed this bridge.

The Wind & Rain bridge


Wind & rain bridges was built by Dong community in China. Dong people are considered as excellent bridge ddevelopers. Wind & Rain bridge is called Wind & Rain bridge as it not only let the people to cross the river but also protects them.

Ponte Vecchio


Ponte Vicchio is a bridge situated on Arno river in Florence, Italy. Ponte Vecchio was built by Taddeo Gaddi. The word “Bankruptcy” is derived from Ponte Vecchio as a merchant failed to pay debt.

Covered Bridges

West Montrose Covered Bridge on the Grand River, Ontario, Canada

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