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Top 10 Best and Most Expensive Homes in the world

Here we are talking about the top 10 best and most expensive homes in the world. Some homes are the most important because of the owners of this expensive homes spend several millions and billions for making this live. Here i have added the photos and details of such most expensive homes in the world.

List of Most Expensive Homes with photos

Can you ever imagine about a house made up gold, precious stones and marbles comprised of all  facilities like gym, ballrooms, spa, swimming pools, movie theater golf courses and nightclubs. All of us wander to stay in such mind-blowing houses occupied with all comforts. The top 10 most expensive houses in the world are listed as follows:

 Gold House($12.2 billion)


Gold House is the most expensive house till now. The house is built by King of  Bling Stuarat Hughes, situated in the secret place in Switzerland. This is the world’s first “Gold House” built with 200,000 kg of gold and platinum. The floors of this house is made from meteoric stones and shavings of 65 million year old original T-Rex Dinosaur bones enclosed in each tile. Gold House is surrounded over 2,442 square meters with a living space of 752 square meters, 338 meters terrace, 8 rooms , 4 car garage & wine cellar of 25 square meters.

 Antilla, Mumbai, India($1 billion)


“Antilla” is the most expensive home and is located in Mumbai, India. Antilla is a 27 story building, 40,000 square feet tower. The home is manged by 600 servants. “Antilla” was owned by the owner of petrochemical businessman, Mukesh Ambani , the fifth richest person in the world. Antilla is built according to Vaastu Shastra, 570 feet tall, 27 story, 6 parking floors, gym with Jacuzzi, ice room, ballroom, bathroom, four story gardens. Each floor of this house is designed in unique way giving the house a different look at every level.

 Villa Leopolda, French Riviera, France($460 million)


Villa Leopolda was built by King Leopold II in Belgium in 1902 which was purchased by Russian billionaire Prokhorov at $750 million price. This villa consists of 27 stories,19 bedrooms, whole villa surrounded with 50 full time gardens. Villa Leopolda was owned by world’s richest person, Bill Gates at $460 million.

Henley Mansion, Berkshire, England($218 million)


Henley Mansion is situated in the front of Thames river covering almost 3000 square meters consisting state- of- art security, helipad, security complex, movie theater, spa & two golf courses. Henley Mansion is owned by Russian billionaire worth $218 million. It is 300 year old structure and is holding lots of stories related to past.

The Penthouse, One Hyde Park, London($212 million)


The Penthouse is situated in London neighbouring 82 apartments. The flat is featured with Iris scanners, panic room, bulletproof windows and British SAS watchers. There is floor to ceiling refrigerators and 24 hour room service.

Fairfeild Ponds, The Hamptons, USA($198 million)


Fairfeild Ponds was built by great American businessman,Ira Rennert located in The Hamptons, USA.  Fairfield House is looking towards the Atlantic Ocean covering over 63 acres land. The house has an Italianate facade consisting of 29 bedrooms , 39 bathrooms and $150,000 hot tub.

Franchuk Villa, Kensington, London( $161 million)



Franchuk Villa is a 21,000 square feet, comprised of 20 feet ceilings. Franchuk Villa consists of movie theatre, sauna & gym. Franchuk villa is a five story villa paneled with marble and swimming pools in the basement & a “panic room”.  The structure is seated on 21,000 square feet consisting 20 foot high ceilings, sauna, gym, news room & movie theater. It was bought by Ukrainian business women Elena Franchuk worth at $161 million.

Hearst Mansion Beverly Hills, California($165 million)


Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills, in California is named as Hearst as it was owned by William Randolph Hearst. Hearst mansion is a 6.5 acre home consisting of four houses, cottage, 6 residences,29 bedroom , movie theatre, nightclub & disco.

Pinnacle in Montana($155 million)


The Pinnacle is a luxury ski lodge and is exclusive lodge for billionaires meant for private ski & golf communities. Pinnacle in Montana houses upto 10 bedrooms, huge wine cellar, indoor/outdoor pool, gym & message room, fireplaces in bathrooms. The Pinnacle House was owned by Tim Blixseth for $155 million.

The Manor, Beverly hills, Los Angels($150 million)

Aaron Spelling's 6-acre "Manor" In Bel Air

The Manor in Beverly hills, a French chateau style mansion and is the largest private home in Los Angeles with tennis courts, bowling alley & two swimming pools. Along with this, the mansion consists of  barber shop, beauty salon & spa. There is a parking space for over 100 cars. Manor is also known as Spelling Manor. The price of this Spelling Manor was $ 150 million but British F1 racing magnate  Bernie’s daughter Petra Ecclestone bought it for $85 million. Spelling Manor is the largest house in Los Angeles.

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