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Top 10 best and most breathtaking cities in the world

There are many cities in the world which are a major source for enthusiasm and intense experiences. Such cities never fail in meeting one’s expectations. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip to visit those exciting cities in world. The top 10 breathtaking cities are listed as follows:

Miami, Florida, USA


  • World’s biggest party city
  • Exotic city with beaches, hotels and pools
  • Major attractions are Miami zoo, Vizcaya museum &  gardens

New York

New york

  • Capital of world
  • Non-stop shopping &  eating
  • Times Square & Broadway are the main attractions



  • World’s most exciting cities
  • Greatest collections of art in the world
  • Street life & market shopping are the main attractions

Barcelona, Spain


  • Mixture of Urban & resorts
  • World’s best food experience
  • Offering singular architecture & cultural experience



  • City of Romance
  • World’s great boutiques and cafes
  • Major attractions are Eiffel tower & Disneyland park

Honolulu, Hawaii



  • World class shopping, art & culture
  •  Breathtaking beaches
  • Major attractions are  Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium




  • Greatest Urban travel
  • Unbeatable Mega city
  • Fishing, Indoor Ski, Desert safari is one of the major attraction
  • Other places for attractions are Burj Khalifa & Burj Al Arab

Rio De Jenerio


  • Marvelous city with natural beauty
  • Life in the beach is most exotic which is not experienced anywhere
  • Special attractions are the sand of Copacabana, the images of the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado

Auckland, New Zealand


  • Paradise on earth
  • Mixture of Urban, water & wildlife
  • Enjoy city’s diverse cafe, restaurant & nightlife



  • World’s most beautiful city with endless attractions
  • Brimmed with fashion, history, art & culture
  • famous for Sandy surf beaches
  • Major attractions are Luna park, harbour side amusement park & Sydney tower

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