Tips to teach you how to wear high heels

1. Smaller strides, we must let the toes pointing forwards.
2. Walking legs as close to the point, as far as possible touching the ground heel first, then slowly over power to the toe.
3. Home walking barefoot, allowing freer movement of the ankle, while able to stimulate different plantar reflex.
4. Self-massage, wear Christian Louboutin after a long day, soak your feet in hot water at the proposed 10 ~ 15 minutes. And then use hands gently massage the back of the knee lymph nodes, to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism of the discharge.
5. Heels high to the right, want to know whether a pair of Christian Louboutin to go far beyond the tolerance limit you, very simple case of keeping the legs bend, try to raise theChristian Louboutin, heel and look ground is about 1 cm distance, if hardly mentioned do not come, then, or quickly for a pair of it!

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