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Thrissur Pooram Photos

Pooramപൂരംis one of the nakshatras or star in the Hindu panchangam. Around 27 Nakshatras in the Hindu panchangam and more than million temples in Kerala, and this combination creates numerous possibilities for auspicious occasions, with each temple having varying importance for the different stars..

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Thrissur Pooram is celebrated at of the Vadakkunnathan Temple, situated on a hillock (Thekkinkadu maidan) in the centre of the city, on the Pooram day in the month of Medom (April–May). Processions of richly caparisoned elephants accompanied by percussion ensembles from various neighbouring temples culminate at the Vadakumnathan temple. The ultimate impressive processions are those Thriuvambadi Bhagavathy from the Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple and the Paramekkavu Bhagavathi from Paramekkavu temple. The celebrations which last for over 36 hours includes parasol displays കുടമാറ്റം and firework shows.

Thrissur Pooram Photo
Thrissur Pooram Photo

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