Support Anna Hazare In His Fight Against Corruption – India

Support Anna Hazare In His Fight Against Corruption – India

Anna Hazare - Fight against corruption
Anna Hazare - Fight against corruption

74 year old Anna Hazare staking his life for your kids. Hazare need support from us for fighting against Corruption. Please add one comment and extend your support.



The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man.”

– Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare in news

Defiant Hazare ready to fast in jail

Social activist Anna Hazare on Monday remained defiant on holding an indefinite fast from tomorrow for a stronger Lok Pal Bill and even vowed to court arrest if prevented after the government denied him permission to stage a hunger strike.

Hazare said he would march to the venue tomorrow and fast at the entrance. “They (police) have imposed Section 144 there which prevents gathering of more than five people. So, I would be arrested. In that case, I would fast in jail and if let off would go back and sit at the gate and continue fast.”

Earlier in the day, the Delhi Police denied permission to Hazare to fast at the venue decided earlier — Jai Prakash Narain Park near the Ferozeshah Kotla stadium — because Hazare had failed to give a written undertaking to abide by the 20-odd conditions set by it.

Amid preparations by the Delhi government to arrest Hazare and his supporters, the activist turned to the public for support saying the government did not understand the language of Mahatma Gandhi and he would be forced to use the language of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the 17th century Maratha warrior king, if denied permission.

He said only a mass uprising could bring about change and appealed people to court arrest across the country.

He challenged the government to bring a powerful Lok Pal Bill saying that it would reduce corruption by 65 per cent. He said one of the two things had to happen. “Either a strong Lok Pal Bill will be tabled, or this government will be removed by the people.”

The government, which was attacking Hazare with barbs and accusations, on Monday looked nervous as it defended the conditional permission by the police for the fast.

Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid said that in on Monday’s circumstances, it was not possible to allow huge gatherings and some conditions had to be met.

Union Minister Ambika Soni also defended the conditional permission saying that even gatherings of the ruling Congress party had to abide by restrictions set by the police.

Finding all doors closed for the fast, Hazare took the administration by surprise on Independence Day by making an unscheduled visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial Raj Ghat and sitting there in reflection for more than three hours, attracting a crowd of about 2,000, and kept the police on tenterhooks.

Hazare’s supporters had earlier said they would go ahead with the fast even if it was inside the jail, as they did not agree to the conditions set by the police.

Arvind Kejriwal, a prominent member of the civil society led by Hazare, said all the members would march from the Mayur Vihar area to the venue offered by the police earlier — JP Park — and then sit outside the gates which have been sealed.

“We would court arrest,” he said.

Another member of the campaign and former Karnataka Lok Ayukta, Santosh Hegde, said the denial of permission by police was a clear sign of nervousness on the side of the government.

Political parties and civil society members criticised the government’s stand on Hazare’s proposed fast.

The National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information (NCPRI), which has taken a stand opposed to Hazare on the Lok Pal Bill, also condemned the denial of permission by Delhi Police to hold an indefinite fast.

NCPRI, led by activist Aruna Roy, on Monday said it was the constitutional right of Hazare to protest and it could not be denied to him.

Chiranjeevi extends support to Anna Hazare

HYDERABAD: Tirupati MLA K Chiranjeevi and pro-Telangana leader M Kodandaram on Monday extended their support to anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption.

“Whoever fights against corruption should be commended,” said Chiranjeevi, who is set to join the Congress on August 20.

Though it might practically not be possible to bring the Prime Minister and judiciary under the ambit of Lokpal, there is need for a wider discussion on the issue, he said, after unfurling the tri-colour at his blood bank on Monday.

Kodandaram, who is heading the group of several pro-Telangana outfits, equated Hazare’s fight against corruption with the statehood struggle and extended all support to the social activist.

Meanwhile, the TDP, which has already pledged its support to Hazare, demanded that the Centre accord permission to the Gandhian to launch his indefinite hunger-strike in New Delhi from Tuesday.

The TDP’s politburo that met at the residence of party president N Chandrababu Naidu here this evening strongly deplored the curbs being placed on the proposed fast by the Hazare and demanded that te anti-graft crusader be allowed to undertake his protest.

“It is totally undemocratic to block Hazare’s fast. It is ridiculous for the Congress and the Centre to term the Gandhian’s protests as undemocratic,” Naidu said after the politburo meeting.

He also lashed out at the Centre for failing to take effective steps to curb corruption. The Loksatta Party too has expressed support to Hazare’s fight against corruption.

Words of Kerala Politician Mr. V.S.Achuthanandan

Kochi – Veteran Marxist leader from Kerala V.S. Achuthanandan Tuesday expressed his full support to the struggle launched by Gandhian Anna Hazare for a strong Lokpal bill.

“I am fully with Hazare in his struggle. It is quite strange that he cannot even stage a protest. It is wrong on the part of the central government to take such a strong stand against a protest, which is a peaceful one,” Achuthanandan told reporters here.

“The action reminds of the black days of Emergency. Even though I have reservations on the manner of his protest, those who oppose him behave like autocrats,” he added.

Activists of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) students wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) took to the streets across the state, boycotting classes to protest the detention of Hazare.

Leading lights from all sections of the society staged a sit-in at the Martyrs Column in the heart of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram and protested Hazare’s detention.

Hazare was detained by Delhi Police Tuesday morning as he was about to set out for his fast in support of a strong Lokpal bill. Activist Arvind Kejriwal was also detained along with him.

Sporadic protests broke out across the national capital, leading to the detention of more than 500 supporters, including former top cop Kiran Bedi and lawyer Shanti Bhushan.

News:Anna stays put in Tihar unless govt gives in to his demand

The Anna Hazare Team tonight said the Gandhian has refused to come out of Tihar Jail if the release was conditional.

“Anna has refused to come out of jail. If the conditions about proposed protest is removed, he will come out. He has made it clear that he will not secure a release with conditions,” activist Kiran Bedi said.

She said Hazare was insisting that he be allowed to hold his protest without any conditions at Jai Prakash Narain Park or any other place like Jantar Mantar.

However, she said, they were ready to climb down from the demand if Delhi Police allows them to fast at Ramlila Ground.

“If Delhi Police can give us Ramlila Ground for which we already have the permission, Hazare will not insist on JP Park,” Bedi said.

Hazare was arrested this morning for insisting that he will defy the prohibitory orders at JP Park and go ahead with his fast.

Earlier, protests all over India brought the UPA government to its knees on Tuesday night, forcing a decision to release social activist Anna Hazare barely hours after he had been sent to Tihar Jail for seven days.

Anna Hazare and some of his close associates were arrested earlier in the day after they made it clear they would defy all prohibitory orders and carry on an indefinite fast demanding a strong Lokpal Bill.

The 73-year-old Gandhian was picked up at 7.30 am from a flat where he was staying in Mayur Vihar in East Delhi after he refused to be persuaded by Delhi Police officials against the fast, in violation of prohibitory orders that were imposed last night.

Anna Hazare had even refused food in Tihar, indicating he would carry on his fast in jail.

Hazare and his aides including, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, were first taken to the Delhi Police Officers’ Mess in North Delhi and were shifted to another after Hazare’s supporters gathered in large numbers at Civil Lines.

Nearly 1,400 activists were detained in various parts of the city when they came out in support of Hazare, who had planned to launch the fast at Jai Prakash Narain Park near Ferozeshah Kotla.

The social activist, who is campaigning for a legislation that will cover the Prime Minister, higher judiciary and MPs’ conduct within Parliament among other things, was later taken to Rajouri Garden police station in West Delhi where a Special Executive Magistrate remanded him to 7 days judicial custody.

The decision to remand him came after Hazare refused to sign a personal bond undertaking he will not defy prohibitory orders to hold protests.

Kiran Bedi was, however, released from custody though she too had refused to sign a personal bond.

Hazare was taken to Jail No 4 in Tihar Central Prison where he will be lodged for the next seven days. His associates including, Kejriwal and Manoj Sisodia, were lodged in Jail No 1. Noted lawyer Shanti Bhushan was also among those arrested.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside Tihar after Hazare and his associates were taken inside the prison.

Shortly after Hazare’s arrest, his campaigner Prashant Bhushan announced a series of agitational programmes, including a march from India Gate to Parliament tomorrow evening and protests by supporters on Delhi streets.

He also called upon government employees to go on mass leave tomorrow to show solidarity with Hazare.

Parliament was disrupted by Opposition parties which said Hazare’s arrest amounted to the “murder of democracy” and was a throwback to the days of the Emergency. Home Minister P Chidambaram rejected this charge asserting anyone saying he would defy prohibitory orders was unacceptable in a democracy.

Chidambaram said Hazare was arrested under Sections 107 and 151 of the CrPC because Delhi Police felt he could commit a cognizable offence.

He said Lokpal was not a panacea for all the corruption that existed in the country. The government was taking a five-pronged action to tackle it but it would still exist, Chidambaram said. It is a battle that would be fought on various fronts and no one can tell the government it would be either “my Bill or no Bill”, he added.

Gupta said the Gandhian had refused to give an undertaking that he would not defy prohibitory orders. He said the Delhi Police was ready to release Hazare on a personal bond if he gave the undertaking.

Delhi Police chief B K Gupta said they had initially suggested Hazare hold his protest at Sadbhavana Park which has a capacity to accommodate around 15,000 to 20,000 people.

“According to our intelligence, 15,000 to 20,000 people were to gather for the protest and we suggested he stage his protest there but the Delhi High Court have banned all protests at this spot. It was then that we suggested Jai Prakash Narain Park,” he said.

He said the CPWD, the agency which owns the park, noted it could not provide the facility for more than one or two days. Police then intervened and got permission for three days, he said.

“Normally, indefinite protests are not allowed in JP Park. The CPWD also cited a High Court order in this regard. We had to reject their application as they refused to give an undertaking.

“When they announced they would go ahead with their protest, we imposed Section 144. There was a chance for people assembling there. Also, we had the Rajghat episode in mind where within a few hours, more than 1,000 people gathered yesterday after Hazare went there,” he said.

Gupta said they anticipated “similar surprise elements” at JP Park and decided to impose Section 144 and senior officials went to meet Hazare this morning to convince him that he should not go ahead with his plans. “Hazare told us that he will go ahead. Then we had to tell him that he will have to court arrest,” he said.

Hazare was first taken to a police facility in north Delhi’s Civil Lines from where he was shifted to DCP Office in west Delhi’s Rajouri Garden after a large number of people started arriving there to protest.

“So many protestors assembled there that we moved him out,” Gupta said.

The police tried to persuade Hazare to call off his programmes but the ninety-minute exercise did not move him as he stood firm by his plans to defy prohibitory orders, leading to his charged-up supporters trying to prevent his detention.

Chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ rented the air as tricolour waving supporters almost made a human wall around the vehicle carrying the Gandhian to a police facility.

At the stroke of 7.30 am, police informed the Gandhian that they were taking him into custody as their efforts to convince him had failed and the khadi-clad Gandhian came out of the flat in Mayur Vihar after instructing his aides to release his prerecorded message.


Delhi Police had denied permission for his fast after Hazare’s broad anti-corruption forum India Against Corruption refused to abide by all 22 conditions set for the agitation.

The Hazare team hit out at the government for the police action with the Gandhian describing his detention as the beginning of the “second freedom struggle”. He asked people not to let the agitation against corruption fizzle out and urged them to fill jails while his team termed the police action as a “return of Emergency”.

“My dear countrymen, the second freedom struggle has begun and I have also been arrested. But will this movement be stopped by my arrest? No, not at all. Don’t let it happen,” Hazare said in a prerecorded message.

The Hazare team described the detention as the “return of Emergency without a formal proclamation” and asked what crime the Gandhian had committed to take him into custody.

“This is the return of Emergency without official proclamation. What crime did Anna commit? Unless we unite, we will be imposed with a defective Lokpal which protects corruption. We now need solutions not statements of intentions,” Bedi said.

Hazare, aides in Tihar

Director General of Tihar Prison Neeraj Kumar said Hazare along with his three supporters were in the new admission ward of Jail 4 while Kejriwal, a former IRS officer, and three others were kept in Jail 1.

“They are kept in new admission ward segregated from others. They are safe and secure,” Kumar told reporters here, adding, “We have made all arrangements for his security and he has been kept segregated from other prisoners. We are dedicated to his security.”

“I would like to further clarify that what is being shown on some of the channels that they are being kept with Kalmadi is totally false.


“They are in the wards which are far away from the wards of Kalmadi. His (Hazare’s) health will be monitored by doctors present in our jails. Our future course of action will depend on his health condition,” the Director General said.

Hazare is in Jail 4 which houses 2,231 prisoners including CWG scam accused Suresh Kalmadi and Kalaignar TV Managing Director Sharad Kumar, who is in judicial custody for the 2G scam. Hazare is with his associates Radheyshyam Prajapati, Suresh Pathare and Manish Sisodia in the new admission cell of the jail.

Kejriwal had been lodged with Navin Jaisingh, Dada Pathare and Darshak in Jail 1 where former Telecom Minister A Raja and managing director of D B Realty Shahid Balwa, both accused in the 2G case, are among the 1,543 prisoners.

Jail officials said Hazare had water and all eight were found to be fit during the routine medical examination.

Anna Hazare’s supporters at Ramlila Maidan can learn a thing or two about the Lokpal bill at ‘Anna ki Paathshala’, as it is called by supercop Kiran Bedi, who has turned into a teacher, informing the public about the issue.

Bedi, who also spoke about what is wrong with the Indian system when it comes to dealing with corruption, added that she would use the large assembly at the Ramlila Maidan to talk about the need for the Lokpal Bill and inform people about what they were fighting for.

While thousands have thronged the grounds in support of Hazare, not all know much about the Lokpal Bill and how the government’s version of it differs from that drafted by Team Anna, she said.

“At least now you will know what we are fighting for and when the media asks you, even they will be astonished to know how much you know. You should tell them that you learnt these intricate details at Anna ki Paathshala,” she said.

Delivering what she called was her ‘first lesson’, Bedi said the CBI should be left out of the government ambit.

“The 3,000 people working under anti-corruption wing can work independently,” she said.

“I was at recently at Tihar, where normally poor are held and rich are let off, but for the first time four MPs are lodged there,” she said.

An atmosphere of festivity is all around Ramlila Maidan.


Hazare is seated at a raised dais, as high as 15-feet, with the public seated at a distance of 60-feet from him.

With the crowd swelling the ranks of Anna supporters, a barricade at the ground broke down today.


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