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Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands-Photos

Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands-Photos

Sandvík (pronounced  is the northernmost village of the island of "Suðuroy" in the "Faroe Islands". It is situated on the northern side of a shallow fjord. The small village was earlier known as Hvalvík (Bay of Whales) until 1913. Because there was another village in Streymoy with the same name there was too much confusion, that is why they changed the name to Sandvík, which was the original name back in the "Viking Age".

Suðuroy (literally, South Island, in Danish: Suderø) is the southernmost of the Faroe Islands. The island is 163.7 km ². In 2010 there were 4763 inhabitants, but it was a gradual decline in population numbers from 1950.

These are the settlements of Suðuroy (listed from north to south): Sandvik (as a settlement in the 19th century restored) Hvalba, Froðba, Tvoroyri, Trongisvágur, Øravík, Fámjin, Hov, Porkeri, Vágur, Famara (reestablished in the year 2010), Akrar, Lopra and Sumba.

An old settlement was abandoned late in the decade Víkarbyrgi 1990th Akraberg another settlement in 1350 was abandoned because of the Black Death, were the people who lived there at that time of Friesland and legend has it that people can horg (Sumba) trace their ancestry to this contract, lies on the southernmost tip of the island.

Two settlements were in the 20th Century to the early and mid-started: Botni north-west and south of Vágur Tjaldavík East Bay Øravík, but both were abandoned.




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