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Smile Movement – tips to beat stress!

Eco Q & tips to beat stress!

Time to enlighten ourselves! Our focus for this month:

· Increase your Environment Quotient

· Know where not to use contact lenses

· Self Help tips to beat Stress

(I) Increase your Environment Quotient

Remember the future depends on what we do in present

There is a cute small round press button at the bottom right corner of almost all monitors: Please make use of this

Stop printing out Harry Porter, Jeffrey Archer and other e-books. This is a classic example of paper wastage.

If you have forgotten to give double-side prints, make sure you make use of the empty sides as scribbling pads or for your kids’ imposition!

Take two minutes from your busy schedule before hurrying back home to shut down the computer.

All of us are big time Googlers. Have you heard of the Blackle search engine? Blackle (Google powered) is a search engine designed all in Rich Black so that your system consumes less power. So change your homepage.

Plastic bags these days indeed come in bright and flamboyant colours and tempt us to take them home with us. But the saying, “Appearances are deceptive” holds true for these plastic things too. Next time, hold back or go prepared to counter temptation with a cloth bag.

Roses, Jasmine, Hibiscus and Peas; All these saplings cost hardly between Rs 10 – 20 each. Can’t we afford to plant these in and around our houses? Also, more importantly, caring and maintain them as they grow?

Try to segregate the different kinds of waste into Bio-Degradable (Fruit or vegetable waste) , Recyclable (waste Paper, paper products) and Electronics (Floppy disks, CD-ROMS ). Once you have segregated your thrash, look for specialized trash cans to throw them away.

Try to minimize the use of horns. Honking has drastically increased and this adds to the noise pollution and does not provide a conducive environment to live in.

Use rechargeable batteries though it’s an expensive product, its one-time purchase. Recharge when required. (Same applies to cell-phones, MP3s, iPods and Laptops)

The best pens to use would be ink ones. Though if you have to use a ball point pen, buy refills instead of buying new pens. Pencils are much better for rough use! (That’s why we used it at school!!!)

Let’s not just wake up and walk out of finished meetings and conferences with a sigh of relief, let us remember to turn off the lights and projectors too.

Take few minutes to learn about topics like ‘Global Warming’ , ‘Air / Noise /Land / Water Pollution ‘ etc apart from constant surfing of News, Latest Gadgets, Movies and Music.

The Earth has already become a dangerous place to live in for the animals and birds. Soon it might be our turn. So let’s pledge to save our beautiful planet so that you and your future generations can live happily and peacefully ever after.

(II) Be careful if you wear contact lenses:

A 21 year old guy, he used to wear a pair of contact lenses. While, barbecuing he stared at the fire charcoals continuously for 2-3 minutes. After a few minutes, he started to scream for help and moved rapidly, jumping up and down. No one in the party knew why he was doing this? Then he was admitted into the Hospital, the doctor said he’ll be blind permanently because of the contact lenses that he had worn.

Contact lenses are made by plastics, and the heat from the charcoal melted his contact lenses. DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES WHERE OVERHEATING AND FLAMES ARE CONCERNED… OR WHILE COOKING…

(III) Self Help tips to beat Stress


Stressful life experiences are sometimes unavoidable. You probably experience good stress and bad stress on a daily basis. Good stress is best described as the adrenaline rush you feel when you rise to challenges. Bad stress feeds on worry, fear and anxiety, and creates a vicious cycle of harmful stress that can lead to health problems. Bad stress can also get embedded into your life when its consistent; like the stress that comes from ongoing work-related issues, family struggles, or relentless financial problems.

The major issue about stress is how you deal with your stress. The stress relief tips below focus on taking control of stress by practical means. These self-help stress relief tips focus on a few stress triggers that you can control. Your quality of life, health and happiness depend heavily on how you manage your stress.

Self-Help Stress Relief Tips

· Eat right and exercise

· Set realistic goals

· Handle important tasks first and eliminate unessential tasks

· Take a break and meditate to slow down “mind-racing”

· Reduce the urge to be “perfect”

· Be flexible

· Avoid excessive competition

· Reduce criticism of yourself and others

· Don’t stress when expectations are not met

· Manage your anger

· Push away negativity of any kind

· Give yourself “me” time

· Choose to keep quiet when you feel a negative reaction

· Be cheerful, it deflates others stress and anxiety

· Silence your phone at night

· Dab essential oils on your wrist to reminder yourself to relax

· Utilize relaxation techniques; Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, etc.

· Laugh and smile more often J

Remember you can only change yourself!

Keep Smiling!


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