Self care tips for high blood pressure

Self care tips for high blood pressure


Lifestyle changes can help control and prevent high blood pressure, even if one is on blood pressure medication.


Try a diet, which emphasises fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy foods. Get plenty of potassium, which can help prevent and control high blood pressure. Eat less saturated fat and total fat. Limit the amount of sodium in the diet. Avoid coffee and colas.


If overweight, losing even 5 pounds can lower blood pressure.


Regular physical activity can help lower blood pressure and keep weight under control. Strive for at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.


Even if you're healthy, alcohol can raise your blood pressure. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation.


Tobacco injures blood vessel walls and speeds up the process of hardening of the arteries. So quit smoking.


Use little or no salt to food. Develop a taste for low salt in food. Do not use table salt.


Reduce stress as much as possible. Practice healthy coping techniques, such as muscle relaxation and deep breathing. Getting plenty of sleep can help, too.


In addition to diet and exercise, the doctor may recommend medication to lower blood pressure. Which category of medication the doctor prescribes depends on the stage of high blood pressure and whether or not you also have other medical conditions.


Follow-up regularly with your doctor and get a blood pressure machine at home for monitoring the changes.

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