Poveglia Island-The Most Haunted Place in World for sale

Poveglia Island – Worlds most haunted place is now for sale by italy


What does the Italian business man receive?

In 2014, One of the big Italian businessman named Luigi Brugnaro won the auction with a bid of €513,000 (roughly $704,010), which allows him to lease the island for next 99 years since 2014. In the following month to raise revenue, the government hopes that the buyer will redevelop the hospital into a luxury hotel. But not sure he will do it..

Poveglia island is a small island situated near the famous place named Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy. Poveglia should not be confused with Ex Poveglia, expoveglia is the another small island of the lagoon three kilometers West side of Poveglia.

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Why Poveglia is the Worlds most haunted place ?

For such a small island, Poveglia has had a big big history. The first settlers arrived here in 421 AD, after trying to escape the barbarian invasions of Venice and in the ninth century , the small island became densely populated and has grown in importance. Later became the turf on which many wars against the barbarians were defeated , and although most have been won , the Poveglia residents had to be moved permanently in 1379 by the Venician government could strengthen and use the island to counter the attacks of the Genoese .

an old building at Poveglia island back door to Poveglia boat service at Poveglia island canal place of Poveglia island human body after death Poveglia island not using this place due to fear old hospital at Poveglia island-converting to hotel Poveglia island a evening view Poveglia island building old Poveglia island building upper steps Poveglia island church entrance Poveglia island part trees small forest Poveglia island place dark part the dark place Poveglia

When bubonic plague struck Venice in 1348 , Lazzarettos ( quarantine) have been established in many small islands, including Poveglia to try to contain the pandemic. The Black Death visited Venice in 1462, 1485 , 1506 , 1575-1577 , 1629-1631 and . The epidemic of 1629-1631 ended up being the most deadly with an estimated 80,000 deaths in seventeen months . The islands around Venice were more landfill where victims were thrown into serious passages . Those who have symptoms simply not had much luck as they were dragged in and forced to wait Poveglia his death – some were even burned alive. Lazzaretto Vecchio Lazzaretto Nuovo – Poveglia Two other islands for quarantine and dams were used . Although both islands have been widely explored and studied by archaeologists, Poveglia is still a mystery today , remains largely unexplored , apparently abandoned , while wells are still anonymous grave .

Until the early 20th century , was used in Poveglia and as a quarantine station in 1922, existing buildings became a hospital for the mentally ill in Venice. Legend has it that a doctor working in the asylum committed all sorts of atrocities against their patients before “crazy” and a fatal fall from the bell tower . It is said that survived the fall , but was strangled by a ghostly mist.

Poveglia is an island in the Venetian lagoon on the coast of Lido, Italy. The Italian government has recently made the island by public auction to help reduce debt. It has a minimum bid of 350,000 euros, according to the Associated Press. The desert island was home to a convent, reports the AP.


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