Photos of Strange and mysterious happenings around world



frozen-girl-01 (2)

Inca Girl Frozen For 500 Years



Zahra Aboutalib, 75 from Morocco gave birth to a baby (calcified fetus) after carrying for half a century


ice women

Jean Hillard from Minnesota was recovered perfectly after violent convulsions from hospital and regained her consciousness back from frozen body as her body was fully frozen the ice, similar to dead body



Animals such as tadpoles frogs live inside the rocks, concrete concealed but remained alive even there is o holes for getting oxygen

Baby born within 23 weeks

Rauwolfa new born baby born within 23 weeks and is 2 days old and is considered as the youngest baby.



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  1. Aura Alejo
    July 28, 2015 at 4:35 am

    My daughter was born 23 Weeks old exactly

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