O.N.V – Ottaplakkal Neelakandan Velu Kurup


O.N.V – Ottaplakkal Neelakandan Velu Kurup


Ottaplakkal Neelakandan Velu Kurup (Malayalam: ഒറ്റപ്ലാക്കല്‍ നീലകണ്ഠന്‍ വേലു കുറുപ്പ്), popularly known as O.N.V. Kurup, is a very famous Malayalam poet and lyricist from Kerala, India, who won Jnanpith Award, the highest literary award in India for the year 2007. ONV is acknowledged by the people of Kerala as one of the greatest living poets in India. O. N. V. Kurup is also a lyricist in Malayalam cinema. He received the Padmashri Award from the Government of India in 1998. In 2007 he was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate by University of Kerala, Trivandrum. He is also called O.N.V., without the surname. O. N. V. is known for his leftist leaning. ONV was the Left Democratic Front (LDF) candidate in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency for the Lok-Sabha elections in 1989.

ONV & Jnanpith Award

Malayalam poet ONV kurup gets Jnanpith award

Thiruvananthapuram: Malayalam poet and lyricist from Kerala Ottaplavil Neelakandan Velu Kurup on Friday became the fifth Malayalee to get the Jnanpith award, the highest literary award in the country.

ONV, as he is popularly known, has been selected for the award for 2007. He is the second poet after G. Sankara Kurup to get this award for poetry.

The other three Jnanpith award winners from Kerala are S.K. Pottekad (1980), Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai (1984) and M.T. Vasudevan Nair (1995).

“After a long gap, this award is coming to a Malayalee. No doubt, this is an appreciation for Malayalam poetry,” an elated ONV, who was conferred the Padmashri award in 1998, reacted.

Renowned author and filmmaker M.T. Vasudevan Nair said, “This is news I was waiting to hear for sometime.”

Seventy nine-year-old ONV, considered as the greatest living poet in the country, is also a popular lyricist in Malayalam cinema.

In 1989, he won the national award for best lyricist for the film “Vaishali”. He has also won 13 state film awards for best lyricist.

Born May 27, 1931 at Chavara, Kollam in Kerala, he graduated in economics from S.N. College, Kollam and completed post-graduate degree in Malayalam literature.

His first published poem was “Munnottu” (Forward) which appeared in a local weekly in 1946 and since then, he has not looked back. IANS

O N V’s poems

List of Poetry by O. N. V.

# Name Translation in English Year of Publishing
1 Daahikunna Paanapaathram The Thirsty Chalice 1956
2 Marubhumi The Desert
3 Neelakkannukal Blue Eyes
4 Mayilpeeli Peacock Feather 1964
5 Oru Thulli Velicham A Drop of Light
6 Agni Shalabhangal Fire Moths 1971
7 Aksharam Alphabet 1974
8 Karutha Pakshiyude Paattu Song of a Black Bird 1977
9 Uppu The Salt 1980
10 Bhumikku Oru Charama Geetham A Dirge for the Earth 1984
11 Shaarngka Pakshikal 1987
12 Mrigaya Hunting 1990
13 Thonnyaksharangal Nonsense Alphabets 1989
14 Aparahnam Afternoon 1991
15 Ujjayini Ujjain 1994
16 Veruthe Gratis (For Nothing)
17 Swayamvaram Swayamvara 1995
18 Bhairavante Thudi Drum of Bhairavan
19 Oyenviyude Ganangal * Songs of O.N.V.
20 Valappottukal ** Pieces of Bangle


1. Kavitayile Samantara Rekhakal
2. Kavitayile Pratisandhikal
3. Ezhuthachan – Oru Padanam
4. Patheyam
5. Kalpanikam
6. Pushkin – Swatantrya Bodhatinte Durantagatha

Short note of ONV from kerala tourism website


A poet, who, with more than his imaginative skills, created poetic expressions that often dealt with the very land he belonged to, events, people and situations he experienced. Prof. O. N. V. Kurup was born on May 27, 1931 at Chavara, in Kollam District, where he also spent his school days. Mr. Kurup did his college education at the S. N. College, Kollam and University College, Thiruvananthapuram for his graduation in Economics and masters programme in Malayalam respectively. Even though Mr. Kurup lost his father at the age of eight, he was fortunate to learn the basics of Malayalam and Sanskrit from him.

His first major effort in poetry began during his school days, which also saw his first published poem Munnottu (Forward) in 1946, penned in the backdrop of his patriotic feelings. As a child, Mr. Kurup used to read the epic Adhyatma Ramayanam, every evening, during the month of Karkkitakam. The poetic aspects of the epic, its style and presentation further strengthened Mr. Kurup?s ability to express and experiment with his chosen subjects, later in his career as a poet.

Reckoned as one of the best in the poetic world inside and outside Kerala, Mr. Kurup in his professional stint as a teacher, started off with the Maharaja?s College in Kochi, as lecturer in 1957. Later this poet genius, as a teacher, inspired the campuses of University College, Thiruvananthapuram; Arts and Science College, Kozhikode and Government Brennun College, Thalasseri. Mr. Kurup also served as the Head of the Department at the Government Women’s College in Thiruvananthapuram. Before his retirement from teaching service in 1986, he was visiting Professor of Calicut University for one year.

Prof. O. N. V. Kurup and his perception of poetry as an art and an expression with a purpose, invariably dealt with the actions, thought process, drawbacks, limits, state of affairs and all that could be experienced through the five senses and Mother Earth. To Mr. Kurup, a poem ultimately becomes a passionate wish for a common cause, or a means to unite hearts with showers of love and compassion. Still, on a different plane, according to Mr. Kurup, poems can be an outpour of feelings, weighed down by loss, despair and helplessness. All these, are common phenomenon, which plays its part in the drama that unfolds as life, everywhere.

Romanticism and poetry share a bond that is as old as poetry and poets. And for Mr. Kurup, the inclination to nurture and maintain romantic elements in many of his poems seems to be like his second nature. His first poetry collection was Porutunna Soundaryam in 1949. Mr. Kurup has also come up with a book titled – Dahikunna Panapatram (The Thirsty Chalice), featuring a collection of his poems from 1946 to 1956. Some of his poetic works in Malayalam that have touched the heart and soul of thousands and became subjects of veritable entertainment and source of inspiration include, Marubhumi, Nilakkannukal, Mayilppili, Oru Tulli Velicham, Agni Salabhangal, Aksharam, Karutta pakshiyude pattu, Uppu, Bhumikku Oru Charamagitam, Sarngakappakshikal, Mrgaya, Tonniaksharangal, Aparahnam and Ujjayini. He has also written a collection of poems for children, called Valapottukal.

Mr. Kurup?s contribution in the literary domain of Kerala is widely appreciated for his excellence in poetry. But to his credit, he has a handful of works in prose. And this includes titles like Kavitayile Samantara Rekhakal, Kavitayile Pratisandhikal, Ezhuthachan – Oru Padanam, Patheyam, Kalpanikam, Pushkin – Swatantrya Bodhatinte Durantagatha.

Making a difference to traditional pursuits of a poet, Mr. O. N. V. Kurup and his lyrical wonders soon began casting a strong impression in the Malayalam films and dramas. He is a music enthusiast, and this personal trait too worked towards the successful creation of a string of memorable Malayalam film songs, most of them, melodies with a distinctive touch of Mr. Kurup. He still relishes writing evergreen lyrics for film songs.

As a poet, who has made a mark of his own in the literary world of Kerala as well as outside Kerala, Mr. Kurup?s stature as a poet of eminence and also as an accomplished academician, made him associate with many national and international programmes. Some of these were his visit to USSR as member of an Indian Writers Delegation to participate in the 150th birth anniversary of Tolstoy, Represented India in the Struga Poetry Festival, Yugoslavia (1987), Presented poems on Beethoven and Mozart in the Department of German, Bonn University, Indian delegate to the CISAC World Conference held in Berlin (1998) and Fellow of the Kerala Sahitya Academy in 1999. Among the responsibilities that came his way so far, he was member of the Executive Board of the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi from 1982 to 1986, and currently serves as the Chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam.

Accolades and recognitions has been part of his life ever since Mr. Kurup struck an everlasting chord of love with poetry. Agni Salabhangal the poetic work by Mr. Kurup was awarded the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award in 1971. He was also awarded with the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award in 1975 for his poem Aksharam. A noted poetic work of Mr. Kurup titled Uppu won the Soviet Land Nehru Award in 1981 and also the Vayalar Rama Varma Award in 1982.

He has also won the Kerala State film awards twelve times, for the best lyricist. But the pinnacle of recognitions bestowed on Mr. Kurup till date, remains the coveted national award Padmashri, which he received in1998.

The septuagenarian poet is without doubt the few among his contemporaries, who continues his poetic pursuits with an undying fervor. And in the process, Mr. O. N. V. Kurup remains as one of the highly respected and accomplished poets of modern Kerala.

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Oru Bhoomi Geetham Koodi

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ONV - a poet
ONV - a poet


  1. O N V kurup is acknowledged as one of the greatest living poets in India. O. N. V. Kurup is also a film lyricist in great Malayalam cinema.


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