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Man saves the lives of over two million babies

Man saves the lives of over two million babies

James Harrison, 74 years - Saved Two Million Babies

‘Man with the golden arm’ saves 2million babies in half a century of donating rare type of blood:

James Harrison, 74, has an antibody in his plasma that stops babies dying from Rhesus disease, a form of severe anemia.

It was found his plasma could treat the condition and since then it has been given to hundreds of thousands of women.

Mr Harrison has been giving blood every few weeks since he was 18 years old and has now racked up a total of 984 donations.

It is estimated he has helped save 2.2 million babies so far.

He said: ‘I’ve never thought about stopping. Never.’ He made a pledge to be a donor aged 14 after undergoing major chest surgery in which he needed 13 liters of blood.

What a man ………. ?


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