List of first 10 people to join Facebook

Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg was the founder of Facebook together with college roommates from Harvard University. After testing 3 accounts himself  he was satisfied that it was working properly. Many of them were amazed to find that Mark’s profile ID is No.4 and who were the first three people. Mark was best known among five co-founders.


Chris Hughes

Chris Huges was one among the co founders of Facebook among the fellow roomates of Harvard University.


Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin was a roomate of Mark and David Hammer so he was one among the three co-founders of Facebook.


Arie Hasit

Arie Hasit was  a non-founder of Facebook and he joined the Facebook with the invitation of David Hammer.


Marcel Georgs Laverdet II

Marcel Georgs Laverdet is a student of LSU and was a hacker, he got ID by a hack and was listed among the top ten first people to join Facebook.


Soleio Cuervo

Soleio Cuervo is a student of Harvard University  and was a close mate of Zuckerburg so he was invited for joining Facebook.


Chris Putnam

Chris Putnam was the first person to sign up in Facebook from outside the University.


Andrew Mccollum

Andrew Mccollum was a Harvard University student. Zuckerburg invited Andrew to design logo for Facebook.

Art by Mark Oliver

Colin Kelly

Colin was joined in Facebook by his great friend David Hammer.


Mark Kaganovich

Mark Kaganovich was the friend of David Hammer who advised him to join Facebook.



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