Lata Mangeshkar’s Greatest songs


Vande Mataram/Matarm – Lata Mangeshkar

INDIA is as beautiful as this song….no one can beat lata mangeshker…..she is PRIDE of INDIA.


Well dude, just leave it, someday u will become a great important person from ur community & u will be showered with same songs! 🙂

just eternal and powerful

mind blowing …
nothing is sweet beyond this song…
Baap of song.

Some songs inspire but Vande Mataram has inspired the whole nation for generations ever since it was composed by Bankim Chandra

we need to fight against our internal enemy. Please vote for the right candidate. Think of India, not as a state or a region or caste perspective.

Shola Aur Shabnam, Hindi Song, lata mangeshkar ghazal

lata mangeshkar??? this is kavita krishnamurty (subramanium)’s voice


do you have internet in Afghanistan LOL ?

this is not urdu
this is not lata
it is kavita krishnamurthy subhramanyam
therefore it is not a ghazal

oeeeeee urdu nahi kya farsi hai

jee yeh urdu nahi bollywood hindi hai.
ek baar muhhobat bolne se urdu nahi ban jata.

This is a ghazal? I think people should learn a bit about the urdu language before they put stuff in here!


Awesome! I love this song….Devia s really cute and she reminds me my best friend ( Laily )

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