Kobal Spien – Thousand Lingas River – Hinduism in Cambodia

Kobal Spien, also known as ‘the thousand Lingas river’

Thousands of siva lingas found in a forest river at combodia. This shows that Hinduism is not only in India but also a global religion in the past. Hindus are spread almost all the countries and still it is growing fast. Here some of the photos added for your reference. These photos taken from a river inside deep forest at combodia. Sree.Vishnu, hanuman, thousands of siva linga’s etc made in stones inside this forest river.




hindu at Cambodia





Several hundreds of ” lingas ” (representation of the x of the god Shiva in the Hinduism) are sculptured by important groups in the river with spaces sculptured by Hanuman (the monkey god ), of Ram and Lakshmi as well as that of slept Vishnou meditating in a cosmic sleep on the essential ocean.

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