Incredible houses photos in Switzerland

Switzerland is  the most  beautiful country comprises with it’s stunning natural beauty, lush green gardens and exotic landscapes.Using the advantage of this stunning Swiss beauty many architects have designed incredible homes in Switzerland in the midst of scenic beauty. Switzerland has been gaining a huge recognition among housing market. Most of the houses are built on the lake , hill sides, mountains and underground. Switzerland is mostly attracted by everyone due to it’s rich art and cultural events blended with outdoor activities like mountain  biking, sailing, canyoning, gliding etc. There are some amazing houses in Switzerland which you should visit once in your lifetime:

Underground house, Swiss village of Vals , Switzerland

Underground house located in Swiss village of Vals, deep inside the mountains. This home is designed by Christian Mueller Architectures. It includes all the facilities as a common house including guest room, entertainment area, & an underground pathway. There are traditional steps made of stone at the entrance and large windows.

Unconventional earth home

Unconventional earth home is located in Diekton, Switzerland. This house is designed by Vetsch Architektur. Unconventional earth homes are featured with white paintings, consisting of nine houses. The top of the house is isolated with protective layer of earth where you can grow plants, grass etc.

Vitra Haus ,Basel Switzerland

Vitra Haus is a beautiful house located in Basekl, Switzerland. This house is integrated with museum, art gallery, furniture showroom, design resource center. Vitra Haus is designed by Herzog & De Meuron.

‘O House’ at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

‘O House ‘ is situated in the front of lake Lucerne constructed with beautiful ornamental facades. The house is facing towards the mountains, mount Pilatus constructed with white concrete elements with circular openings. ‘O’ house is gives a beautiful view of mountains of Rigi. The ‘O’ house is designed by Zurich architects like Philippe Stuebi and Eberhard Tröger.

Lake Lugano House

Lake Lugano house is located on the lake Lugano in Switzerland. Lake Lugano house gives a perfect view of lake , historic villages. Lake Lugano house is designed by Milan oriented architect named Jacopo Mascheroni of JM Architercture.


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