how is the auxiliary medical 0f MBT shoes ?

With the unique MBT shoes sole structure, can wear a natural state, but not smooth movement through the balance, namely, by adding muscle activity. The pressure of the joints and muscles through joint activities with ease, the balance of nature and straight, has formed the appropriate steps with biomechanical posture. MBT might help treat back and hips, legs and feet, and muscle, ligaments and tendons on medical conditions. If the basic health problems existing MBT as the auxiliary therapy, after medical training MBT instructor supervision. Please pay special attention to any symptoms of all easy inflammation.
1, leg ministry unwell: lack of exercise can cause vein and moisture retention legs. The valve can help check pipe from the single direction by the blood flow to the heart legs. If the valve penetration, blood will accumulate in the leg. Initial discomfort is tired, heaviness, taut and cramps. MBT wearing shoes, especially in the ankle walking movement, can promote haemal circulation, stimulate crus muscle pump power, promote blood from the legs to the heart, so as to reduce the flow of blood pressure, reduce leg swelling in early, alleviate discomfort. Treatment of fractures and MBT sneakers intramural venous valve leakage!
2, back pain: back pain is a kind of common illness. Every two persons will have a person have back pain symptoms. The reason caused backache, but little-known. Lack of exercise, pressure or strain, unilateral standing or sitting too long are neck and shoulder/to the common factor, tension will cause pain. When walking in the trunk, MBT straight degree is 10% increase in traditional shoes that pressure distribution in the human body and the muscles. The natural not stable forced MBT trunk moment balance, and stimulate spinal joints and muscles around the little impact from protection. Move back muscle relaxation and further to relax. As a treatment for fitness equipment, tools, and can be used for the treatment of specific MBT back pain, disc prolapse, lower back pain, lumbago and lateral spine.
3, arthritis, arthritis, joint cartilage wear and tear, common joint and knee, spine. Arthritis may due to traumatic, lack of exercise or unilateral stress and strain. Pain, swelling, muscle tension and flexibility drops must classics doctor is diagnosed, affirm. Exercise can help MBT joints, knee, hip feet spinal joints and muscles. Marseille sensor created natural Geneva will force the body balance and self adjusting. Compared with the traditional dress shoes, wearing MBT walk can reduce the knee joints and body pressure, trunk erect degree 19% increase 10%. Always wear shoes, can exercise MBT outdoor joint around the small muscles and joints, stress distribution and more uniform.
4, obesity, obesity is refers to the medical term anomaly overweight, its characteristic is accumulation overmuch adipose tissue. At present, obesity is regarded as a kind of chronic diseases. Obesity is lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or metabolic disorder, so also the important reasons for the cause of disease of heart head blood-vessel become. In addition, musculoskeletal system due to excessive weight, wear and tear, degeneratie in Europe, nearly a third of adults are overweight, need to keep  air jordan shoes health and diet, cause fat main reason is lack of exercise and high fat food intake of unhealthy eating habits. Wearing MBT walk can reduce the knee and hip joints, and spinal cord pressure by the impact. Wearing sneakers at marseille MBT trample on the sensor and the foot feels soft comfortable walking to swing games, and effective exercise joints of small muscles around, through to strengthen muscles, burning more fat, when walking MBT sneakers cheerful experience and exercise benefits can effectively treat obesity.
5 foot problems: at present, the most foot problems because neuromuscular stability and motion control. Traditional shoe kind can rise to support and protection, but also make muscle system can stimulate and loss by certain functions. A part of the loss of muscle function will lead to the BianPingZu or without its trials. Improper wearing shoes (such as high-heeled shoes) will also cause evaginate foot and ankle bone spurs. MBT sole structure to form a stable state of nature. Marseille masai sensors (holding) is the first step on the ground challenge: feel soft, but not stable. Exercise will quickly be appropriate sensory system of muscle activity, make feet joint relative balance, positive realized complete its physiological foot natural rolling motion. Effective control of the foot scrolling action can change the pressures than foot and tension, and enhance the muscle activity can make joints get good. Feet,
6 and knee problems: the knee is one of the most complex body joints. Various organizations are wrapped be damaged or degradation: for example, meniscal injury Bin torn tendon injuries and/or pain, torn ligament, causing instability and stood knee pain. The human body will through some auxiliary motion and posture, relieve pressure, make damaged tissue organ of the muscles around day knee function decline. As time passes, will damage the ability to walk, the serious influence of life quality. Foot step in marseille sensors will stimulate muscle balance system. Firstly, and then in the foot is around the knee joint. Each step by step, heel contacts the ground when pressure, which will reduce impact and therefore knee. Study in Switzerland, MBT merchant walked will reduce the pressure of the knee joint Nigg2004 (19%) walking, direct contact with the ground first stretched his legs, then through the knee. Ideally, when his legs under a big pressure, human body should be perpendicular to the upper leg. Through stimulating muscles and joints around the correct gait, Swiss shoes can effective treatment MBT knee problems.
7, hip problem: most of the hip problem is due to the hips near the imbalance of muscle. Maintain the same position for a long time, and daily life and the movement of the pressure and tension unilateral will cause hip flexor shorter, coxal muscle recession balance. Joint internal pressure, cartilage degeneration and cause pain. In the long run, joint function will eventually lead to serious damage, foot step in marseille trouble walking will stimulate coxal muscle sensors, the reason lies in its balance of Geneva means that it must be correcting single leg posture. When walking in the body, the scrolling action  women shoes steps behind pull out a long distance, is hip flexor appreciably extend. Wear shoes and stretching exercise muscles MBT effectively improve the stability of the joints, stretch joints to relieve stress, relieve pain, joint.


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