Hotel Car-ifornia

Welcome to the Hotel CAR-ifornia, where weary travellers can sleep in everything from a Morris Minor to a Mercedes

By Mail Foreign Service

Welcome to the hotel that offers you the night – and the ride – of your life.

The V8 Hotel boasts rooms guaranteed to rev the engine of any car lover – because the beds and rooms are made from their favourite vehicles.

Based in the centre of Stuttgart's Meilenwerk – a German international hub for car dealers – guests can sleep in everything from a Morris Minor to a Mercedes.

Catching your kip in a car: One of the themed rooms at the V8 hotel in Stuttgart

On the road (to sleep): Another car-themed room captures the essence of the great highways that snake across America's mid-west

For those who like a high-octane holiday experience, visitors can snuggle under the stars at the drive-in, tune their engines in the workshop or even keep enjoy a night's rest at the car wash.

Built inside the city's old Boblingen Airport the hotel also has a suite built on three levels within the building's former control tower.

For around £312 a night visitors can stay in the 120sqm Zeppelin Suite featuring a sauna, terrace and landscape views over the old airport grounds.

Hotel employee Heike Petzold said: 'Everybody wants to stay here when they come to the Meilenwerk.

Shell we go to bed now? Sleeping at a petrol station might not be everyone's idea of a good night's rest

Rev-olutionary: The vehicle theme dominates the hotel reception area

'It's really amazing because even people who live in the area come here to stay for a night in the themed rooms.

'It attracts everyone of all ages, from children to old age pensioners and of course businessmen during the week and families too.

'All kinds of people come here, so it's not just for car enthusiasts, but of course there are those that are interested in car history and the automobile industry's connections to the region too.

'We've even had a few celebrity guests, but I can't say who they are as I'm not allowed.'

The hotel's theme is obvious from the outside also

The four-star hotel incorporates 34 rooms and the car theme continues from reception to the restaurant.

Apart from the trendy details and antique accessories used to decorate the rooms some of them also feature original parts from the automotive world.

The rest of the rooms are designed in the classic Bauhaus style, but of course the motor theme is present there too.

The car-containing rooms in the hotel include a 70's Cadillac drive-in cinema, a Mercedes Benz carwarsh, and a Morris Minor garage.

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