Dots on the Diga del Cingino Dam Wall?

Diga del Cingino Dam , Italy

This is the Diga del Cingino dam in Italy – but look closer… do you see spots on the dam wall?


OK so you can't but in the above picture, you should be able to see these 'dots' more clearly. Want to see even more clearly?

Here they are. Are you wondering the same way as I did when I saw them for the first time…?

Strange animals, these ones! And how the heck do they achieve such balance?!??

These are European Ibexes (Ibex for singular). They have the agility, mobility and dexterity of any deer and antelope. They can hop as gracefully as they can balance their whole weight on a space of a dime. Yet they have the poise not to be disrupted at all. Scaling the wall of the dam and still maintain perfect balance is natural to them. What we don't realise is that they love going up the walls of the dam because they can eat the moss and lichen and then lick off the salt of the wall surfaces!

And here we are… absolutely shocked at Nature, how these Ibexes can be so wonderfully well balanced when so often we stumble with our own two feet on normal ground! How embarrassing and we're supposed to be the smart ones!

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