Different types of benches in the world. Bench Models

Different types of benches in the world. Bench Models

Bench is a piece of furniture, so many people may sit at the same time in a bench. Benches are typically made of wood, but may also be made of some metal, plastic etc. Many benches have arm and back rests; some have no back rest.


Worlds one of the best bench named book bench. This bench will help you to study without actual study. Just sit upon these books and your head will automatically pull the contents from this bench. Great invention.

Robert Rickhoff, made worlds best slide bench. This bench will help us to play while siting. Don’t try this type of bench because it is dangerous.

AllesWirdGut Architecture have made this awesome bench. This bench enables you a awesome feeling while siting.

Peeled Pavement Bench – TheFancy.

A bench created just like the Brooklyn Bridge, found in Brooklyn Heights.

This casual bench by Italian furniture brand Campeggi. Designed by Emanuele Magini

A Paris-based artist made this Huge Sudeley Bench, made by using twisted steel, in the year 2010.

New York City’s Stoop Bench is a multi-functional piece of furniture that could easily be shifted between a bench and a stair.

Dodge Ram Bench.

Modified Social Benches by artist Jeppe Hein, which are located throughout the city of De Haan in Belgium, for the contemporary art event Beaufort 04.

Satoshi Itasaka’s Balloon Bench, inspired by the film made on 1953 French film Le Ballon Rouge, looks like it’s cleverly suspended by floating balloons. In reality, it’s suspended from ceiling by four anchors concealed by sculptures.

The Mobile Bench was designed by Dutch artist Rogier Martens. Instructions for making your own are illustrated.




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