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Diamond Mania

Diamond Handbag Cost 1.9 Million dollars

Blue diamond Cost 7.98 million dollars

World’s Most Expensive One by Chopard Cost 25 mn dollars

Cupcake evening bagn cost 4,295 dollars

Frozen Haute Chocolate Dessert cost 25,000 dollars

Diamond iphone cost 177,300 dollars

Diva Premium vodka spirit cost 1,060,000 dollars

Earrings cost 8.5 million dollars

Eco-House cost 7.2 mn pounds

Elton-shirt cost 44,740 dollars

Expensive Apartment Cost 200 million dollars

Expensive Dog Collar cost 1.8 mn dollars

Expensive diamond Sandals cost 2mn dollars

Most expensive sunglasses cost 383609 dollars

Gold-remote control Cost 55,000. dollars

Most expensive Ice Cream Golden Opulence Sundae cost 1000 dollars

Most expensive Lipstick KissKiss cost 62,000 dollars

Most expensive magazine cost 10,000 dollars

Most exp house Cost 500 million dollars

Most Expensive Bath at Hotel Victor for 11,000 dollars

Worlds most expensive christmas bauble cost 31,400 dollars per piece

Most Expensive Sari Costs Rs 40 lakh

Most expensive mango – Korea Kiwis cost 1-2 Dollars each

Most expensive omelet cost 100 dollars per omelet

Most expensive Car One 77 car 2 million dollars

Most expensive perfume cost 215,000 dollars per bottle

Most expensive Perrier-Jouet champagne is valued at 50,000 Euros

Priciest food ever 15,000 dollars per pound

Most expensive valentine rose 75,450 dollars

Most expensive Diamond tie 220000 dollars

Most expensive Watermelon Fetches 6,100 dollars in Japan

Most expensive wedding dress cost 15,000 pounds

World’s Most Expensive Credit Card Royal Legend Adorned With 333 Diamonds


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