Desert King Snake

These pictures were taken by one of the road crew at Cloudbreak , Arizona last week.

It took a total of 5 hours for the Desert King Snake to finish off the Goanna. (Sand Monitor)

As you can see, they put some signage up so it couldn’t be run over

ـ۱ کلیک

این تصاویر در آریزونای امریکا برداشت شده است. مار شاهی بیابانی در مدت 5 ساعت یک سوسمار عظیم الجثه را می بلعد. عکاسان برای حفظ آرامش مار در هنگام صرف غذا، اطرافش را با تابلوهای محافظ احاطه کرده اند تا از ماشین های عبوری در امان بماند!

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Scene being swallowed by a snake and a lizard Desert King: These images have been taken in Arizona, America. King Snake in the desert for 5 hours a crocodile devouring a giant. Photographers for calm while eating snake, coexist with the surrounding protective boards from passing cars safe…

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  1. I think this is taken in the Pilbara of Western Australia at Twiggy’s Cloudbreak Minesite?

    I don’t think they have Goanna’s in Arizona and we have a King Brown?

    It would be an opportunity to stroke the snake?



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