Co-founder leaves NCsoft Arenanet

According to, Jeff Strain, co-founder and current president of Arenanet product development for NCsoft West would have reached a mutual agreement to abandon NCsoft.

Jeff Strain was one of the 3 founding partners Arenanet, the creator of Guild Wars, and we can say it was a major success of this game. Recently, in 2008, Jeff Strain Arenanet left for managers in NCsoft West, the subsidiary responsible for all NCsoft launches in the West.

Along with the departure of Jeff Strain, David Reid also president publisher, NCsoft leaves, although reports are treated as unrelated reasons. These dropouts occur at a little over a month of launching Aion, but according to these dropouts NCsoft no way affect the launch.

Now if you need to know these releases will have an effect on the expected output Guild Wars 2, which we know little while.

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