Chand Baori – The Deepest Step Well in the World is in India

1000 years old…… Deepest step well in the world – Jaipur- India  

in immaculate condition……. this is engineering wonder..... without modern day….instruments….

Chand Baori – The Deepest Step well in the World
Chand Baori is a famous step well situated in the village Abhaneri near Jaipur in Indian state of Rajasthan.

The Chand Baori, a vast well with flights of steps on three sides, is a 10th century monument situated in Abhaneri. It is a fine example of the architectural excellence prevalent in the past. This impressive step well is as deep as a seven storeyed building.

The famous Harshat Mata temple situated opposite to this well shows that there must have been a religious connection with the step-well. The well is 35 m on each side with steps leading down from each side and water can be drawn from any level. It has so many steps to make it impossible for someone to retrieve a coin once it ' s been dropped in the well.






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