How to Catch Anaconda Snake ?


How to catch anaconda ?

Catching anaconda is not a big task for some peoples. They simply catch the anaconda snake by using some tricks. Here we have added some dangerous catching pictures by the group of peoples. These pictures taken straightly from the anaconda catching point. A simple note to public that this type of catching anaconda is very dangerous to the common peoples if they do not have sufficient experience in this subject.


    • This is not a anaconda, it looks more than a african rock python if it was an anaconda its head would be much bigger and the colour of the snake would be more darker and greener

  1. first of all, its not an anaconda. anacondas are found n america, not n africa. thats most probably an african rock python. but, impressive catch.

    • you are absolutely correct. this is a African Rock python not an Anaconda.
      you can recognize it by the scale and skin patterns.
      totally different that an Anaconda.
      I urge you guys please don’t appreciate their hunt, they are going to skin it and probably remaining parts will be eaten.
      and Pythons are also among those who are in list of endangered species of animals.


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