Brilliant Engineer of Nature

Straight line – Brilliant Engineer of Nature Leaving the end part to hang the house Measuring distances Folding the leaf — real art From beneath Holding two side together Http:// Using right side to hold and left side to fold..! Real engineering .. no kidding House is now hanging to keep enemies out installing the door Checking the support and enforcing it with glue isnt it the best engineering???
That's God's Creation

Just see….This little creature takes how much time and effort to make his home…..

But think what we do once we saw such things …..we pluck it out so simply and through away in 1 second……..


Think twice before you destroy such things….may be it's a home of a little creature and his family will be there inside…….


Even God needs only few seconds to destroy the whole world, but he is not doing that…

Then who we are to destroy others home……??????

1 thought on “Brilliant Engineer of Nature”

  1. We should Explore the Nature for satisfying our genuine NEEDS
    but we should not Exploit it for satisfying our GREEDS harming the Ecosystem. The Caterpillar is satisfying it’s need
    for shelter not damaging the Nature ; on th other hand adding Beauty to th Nature. So we human being can take a lesson from such mini creatures.
    I think this will maintain fine balance betwn Human n Nature leading to Sustainable Development !!! Is’nt it?

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