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Orda cave
Orda cave, Russia

Orda cave is located in Orda village in Perm region, Ural, Russia. Orda cave is the biggest underwater crystal cave in the world. There exists low temperature in the underwater, zero degree temperature on the surface.

Night sky
Night sky, Patagonia

Night sky at Patagonia gives a clear picture of clear pollution free sky.

Floating latern festival China
Floating lantern festival, Honolulu, Hawaii


Supermoon rising ,Cape sunion

Supermoon rising at the side of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Cape Sunion lies about 65 kms from the south of Athens, Greece. The supermoon rised on 23rd June 2013. It was the best ever view for watching supermoon rising.

Baobab alley
Baobab Alley, Madagascar

Baobab Alley is group of particular trees surrounded along the roadside of Menabe region, Madgascar.  These trees are preserved here and is not cleared while clearing the forests as they respect it as a major food source and building material. Baobab grow upto 800 years old. The beautiful landscape draw attention of  lakhs of tourists from all around the world to visit this place.

Flow of Lava, Kapoho Kalapana, Hawaii
grey peacoxck
Grey Peacock, Myanmar
One tree
One single tree, Oxaco, Mexico

Scientists have revealed by DNA test that it is a single tree with a trunk of 33 feet in diameter and circumference of 178 feet. This tree is founded in Oxaco, mexico located in the town of Santa Maria del Tule.

Leather turtle
Biggest leatherback sea turtle
Lehsa Tallest Buddha sculpture, Sichaun


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