Actual age of Malayalam film stars

Actual age of Malayalam film stars:

Film star Mammootty 3/9/1948=67 years


Mohanlal actual age 7/5/1956=59 years


Suresh Gopi 6/4/1957=58 years


Jayaraam 12/6/1963=52 years


Dileep  10/4/1966=49 years


BijuMenon 9/9/1965=50 years

Dulguer Salmaan Age  28/7/1986=28 years 

Fahadh Faasil Age  08/8/1982=32 years 


Seema  30/9/1948=67 years


Kaviyoor Ponnamma 4/5/1939=76 years


K.P.A.C,Lalitha 4/7/1947=68 years


Sukumari 6/4/1934=81 years


Innocent 5/5/1949=66 years


Jagadeesh 24/3/1954=61 years


Mallika Sukumaran 15/4/1955= 60years


Sreenivasan 12/1/1951=64years


KavyaMadhavan 31/11/1984= 31 years


Prithwiraaj 8/4/1983=32 years


Janardhanan 5/5/1944=71 years


Jayabharathi 6/2/1946=69 years


Sheela 15/5/1939=76 years


Jayasurya 18/5/1978=37 years


KunchakoBoban 7/2/1977=38 years


Manikuttan 6/2/1986=29 years


Naren 15/4/1979=36 years


SamyukthaVarma 14/3/1976= 39 years


UrmilaUnni 24/3/1961=54 years 

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  1. I think this might be a wrong information…. because by chance I got a chance of going through the passport of Dulguer Salmaan …… When I saw the date of birth I am suprised because according to the age of Dulquer Salmaan in passport I seen as 28- jul-1983 that means33… so am not insisting on the above details

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