A man who give training to the crocodile

Crocodile Trainer – A man who give training to the crocodile

How would it feel to be really close to a crocodile? The very thought would drive shivers throughout the body. That really isn’t any pleasant thought and nobody would ever like to do that. But come to Costa Rica and you would find trainers who really like this thought. In fact they enjoy training crocodiles. Look at the pictures of a trainer from Costa Rica playing with a crocodile. The best places on the earth to find crocodile trainers are the Amazon basin as well as cities like Costa Rica where there are well behaving crocodile trainers. They need to well behave with crocodiles not to end up in their mouths. Have a look at the pictures of a trainer playing with an adult crocodile. That may not be pleasant to us, but indeed it is quite pleasant to the trainer to spend time with a crocodile. That’s another subset of funny people.






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