5 Strange Beauty treatments in the world

Bee Venom Facial

Bee venom

Honey Bee venom is a used as facial ingredient for filling the wrinkles. It is an organic facelift that produces natural collagen and elastin in the skin. The bee venom helps in relaxing the facial muscles, hence improving the circulation. Bee Venom consists of both anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial property. Kate Middleton has got Bee Venom facial treatment before her marriage.

Vampire Facial Treatment


Vampire FaceLift is used to rejuvenate your skin making you look more younger and thereby reshaping your face into youthful filled withvolume. Hyaluronic acid filler is used to make the face more youthful and for natural reshape. Blood is sucked from your face by which the physician isolates the platelets from that blood. Then those activated platelets is used for healing the injured tissue. By using numbing cream and small needle the physician injects into the face with growth factors which activates Multipotent stem cells which is already there in the skin itself. These multipotent stem cells develops into new collagen, which in turn leads to new blood vessels and fatty tissue for repairing the skin. Hence the result is younger looking skin.

Microneedle Beauty Therapy


Microneedle Therapy system is a facelifting therapy by using 200 fine needles that injures into the skin which helps in stimulating collagen and elastin production. Micro needle therapy helps in penetrating therapeutic serums. These serums are absorbed  into the face 1000 times more as applied by Microneedle.

Leech Therapy


Leech therapy is used as an effective facial treatment for removing acne & pimples. Leeches sucks unwanted blood from your face while making your face more youthful & young. It helps in blood circulation during blood sucking process through the veins.

Snake Venom Face uplift


Snake venom is used as face uplift for preventing fine lines & wrinkles. Snake venom freshens the face with it’s anti-aging properties. Snake’s venom consists of Fiflow BTX (Carbon molecule) which increases the cell in the skin thereby plumping out the skin. These days markets are filled with lots of creams but such of those poisonous ingredients are proved to be effective.

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