3D street Art-Most beautiful and amazing 3d street art in the world

3D street art is an amazing street art that depicts graffiti in form of images. Famous artists like Kurt Wenner, Tracy lee Stum and Eduardo Relero and other artists has created some of the amazing street art that are so incredible. These art are created on concrete & asphalt surfaces. Some of the famous 3D street art are as following:

Famous 3D art by Kurt Wenner:




Famous 3D street art by Edgar Mueller

Cave project, Moscow, Russia

Cave project_1

Shelterbox. London, England


Brandon Trust bridge. Bristol, England


3D street Art by Manfred Stader

Swimming Pool. Lodz, Poland

Swimming pool_1

Anti-AIDS campaign. Oslo, Norway


Max Rules! Abu dhabi, UAE


3D Street Art by Julian Beever

Accident Building site. Vienna, Austria



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