25 Most Promising New Products for 2010 !

Watch out for these products, coming in stores near you!!!!

25 Most Promising New Products for 2010

2010 is a promising year for bring you the most functional, promising, and novel of the batch. If youre tired of waiting for flying cars and voice-controlled sunglasses, this just might be your year.

25. Power Personal Energy Generator

25 Most Promising New Products

The PEG harvests one of the biggest energy hogs on earthyou. Place the little device into your bag or briefcase, plug in your cell phone, GPS, or iPod, and let your kinetic energy power up your gadgets while you walk. You can get an 80% charge in one hour through your own energy alone. Green and brilliant.

24. Flying Car: Terrafugia

25 Most Promising New Products

Even though were well into the 2000s, nobody has come up with a Jetsons-style flying car. Until now. The Terrafugia Transition is more of a driving plane than a flying car, but its a promising first step. The worlds first street legal plane hits runways and highways in 2010.

23. Sony 3D-360 Hologram

25 Most Promising New Products

No glasses needed! Just turn on your tabletop unit and enjoy a 360-degree view of images and possibly video through this stereoscopic display. Sony isnt yet sure what to use it for, but ads, video games, and medical visualizations are just a few ideas.

22. Xeros Waterless Washing Machine

25 Most Promising New Products

The waterless washing machine isnt as sexy as some of the other gadgets arriving in 2010, but its conservation qualities should be applauded. It uses nylon beads and a spin cycle to clean your clothes, saving water while potentially reducing the need for dryers.

21. Recompute: The Cardboard Computer

25 Most Promising New Products

Cardboard is the new black. Legions of product made primarily of corrugated cardboard are hitting the market. This little beauty will benefit anyone who has ever broken that little sticker while changing out a sound card or adding memory to a CPU.

20. Powermat Wireless Battery Charger

25 Most Promising New Products

If youre tired of carrying around one charger per electronic toy, youre in luck. The Powermat lets you charge your iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, and most other gadgets on the same mat. One mat, one plug.

19. Samsung Water-Powered Battery

25 Most Promising New Products

Sure, one mat, one plug is cool. But what if you didnt have to plug in at all? Samsung is speeding past the AC plug, around the solar charger, and directly into the water faucet. Its new micro-fuel cell and genereator rpowers your cell phone through water alone. Jurys still out on whether it will work long-term.

18. Camaro: Tranformers Edition

25 Most Promising New Products

Love muscle cars? Have you seen

Transformers more times than all your nieces and nephews?
this head-turner is for you. Note that the car does

not actually transform, nor does it come with any multi-weaponry.

17. Apple Tablet

25 Most Promising New Products

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