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is an old malayalam film actress who now lives as an evergreen heroine. The latest news is that she is planning to come back to acting in movies in malayalam.

She gave an interview to a magazine and revealed her intentions. Sumalata recently acted in a ad film. Sumalatha was the actress who made a surprise to everyone through her block buster movie Thoovanathumbikal with mohanlal.

So now we can enjoy the Hottest Videos of Sumalatha the Old Malayalam Actress. Hope you all remember the old mallu song from Thenum Vayambum. Here some hot sumalatha photos and videos added.

Sumalatha will shortly make a comeback to Malayalam film world.

The actress who had disappeared into oblivion after her marriage in 1991, from an industry which had powered her with the best of the roles, had been the most inquired and demanded actress of her generation.

Sumalatha who was leading a quiet life as the wife of politician turned Kannada super star Ambareesh, will give life to a character named Thankom George, in the new Prithviraj movie ‘Calendar’.

The character of Thankom george is a professor, a widow who now lives for her only daughter Kochu Rani.

The movie planned as a hilarious comedy, will have Prithvi as Sojashan Olikkara, a school drop out, who comes out of the blue to change the lives of the mother and her daughter.

Sumalatha who had been a prominent figure in the eighties had been lucky enough to be in very good roles in films like Thoovanathumpikal, Thaazhvaram, Newdelhi, Izabella, Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu – all of which are revered as the best of the times by a generation of film viewers.

A small part from the film Thoovanathumbikal

Megham Poothuthudangi- Thoovana Thumbikal

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